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Garage Door Cable Replacement From Local Experts

Garage door cables have the critical job of helping maintain even tension in your garage door system so your overhead door can operate safely. If you have a broken garage door cable, you will know immediately because your overhead door either won’t open or will open at an angle. 

After noticing an issue with your cables, it is crucial that you leave everything as it is and call a garage door cable repair company. Letting a professional handle garage door cable replacement keeps your family safe and prevents further damage to your overhead door. If you’re looking for garage door cable repair in Miami-Dade, contact Good Guys Garage Door Solutions to make your same-day garage door service appointment. We have replaced thousands of garage door cables, and we would be happy to serve your home with expertise and efficiency.

Common Problems with Garage Door Cables

Like all garage door parts, cables experience wear and tear over time and will eventually need garage door cable repair or replacement. Most commonly, cables will become loose and fall out of the drum or completely snap in half.

Loose Garage Door Cable

Sometimes instead of a full break, garage door cables will become loose and slip out of the drum. This can happen due to accidentally closing your garage door on something or because of loose springs. In the case of loose garage door cables, our technicians are typically able to perform a garage door cable repair by reattaching the cables.

Broken Garage Door Cable

Broken garage door cables occur when the cable snaps completely apart. This typically happens due to wear and tear or a broken garage door spring. To repair the broken parts, you will need garage door cable replacement on either side of your door. Replacing both cables ensures your garage door is fully restored and will operate safely.

Book Garage Door Cable Repair Today!

If you have a loose or broken garage door cable and need a fast repair, Good Guys Garage Door Solutions is here to assist you. We have served the Miami-Dade area for many years, and excellent customer service is at the heart of everything we do. With high-cycle replacement garage door cables and industry-certified workmanship, you know you are getting the best garage door cable replacement when you book service with us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables are heavy-duty or galvanized steel cords that wrap around drums at the top of the door and anchor into the door’s bottom brackets. They work with garage door springs to create a counterbalance system and support the weight of your overhead door. 

  • Your garage door stops working.
  • Your garage door opens at an angle.
  • Your garage door closes too fast. 
  • You see loose or broken cables.

Most garage door cables last 10-15,000 cycles of operating your garage door, or 8-12 years. The lifespan of your cables will depend on how frequently you use your overhead door and if you schedule annual garage door maintenance. 

We never recommend that customers attempt to replace their own garage door cables. Because cables hold a lot of tension and attach to your springs, one wrong move could mean injuring yourself or causing serious damage to your overhead door. Attempting to repair the cables yourself can also void the warranty on your garage door parts, meaning a higher price tag down the road. Instead, call a professional to schedule a quick and affordable garage door cable replacement near you. 

Read Our Reviews.

It was a great experience from start to finish.

Nicholas M.

I had an issue with my garage door slowly opening and then slamming shut when closed it. I found them online and called. The next morning they came by assessed my garage, but when I say assessed they checked the cable length, weight of the door, the springs. By then I knew they were professionals and were very knowledgeable. They ordered my parts and the same day came and finished the job. It was a great experience from start to finish. I highly recommend them.

They worked quickly and door works like new again!

Sharon D.

Ryan & Ashley arrived on time and gave an honest review of needed repairs. They worked quickly and door works like new again! Very pleased.

I recommend Good Guys Garage Door Solutions.


My garage door was difficult to open, loud, and needed repair. Ryan came out to see the problem, and answered all of my questions. He then provided me with a clear quote and options. Ryan and JC performed the service promptly as promised. They were pleasant and professional to work with from my first call to their business and throughout the job. My door can now be opened and closed with ease, it is safer too, and feels like it is a brand-new door. High quality parts used and high-quality service. I recommend Good Guys Garage Door Solutions.

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