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With our high-quality products and service, expect the best garage door panel replacement in Miami, FL! We’re committed to matching your existing panels exactly to new panel replacements for any door, any style. So don’t hesitate any longer! Click the button below to schedule your appointment for garage door panel replacement near you. 

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How Do I Know I Need Garage Door Panel Replacement?

An older, sagging, or rusting garage door is due for a new garage door replacement, so all of its panels will match. Check out our garage door installation page for our high-quality products and gallery photos of what your new garage door could look like. 

Even if your garage door isn’t visibly damaged, there could be internal damage to your operating system if your garage door was impacted. Contact our local garage door team for panel replacement or new garage door replacement. Good Guys Garage Door Solutions offer service near Miami, FL and all over the Miami-Dade area.

garage door panel replacement

See if the following questions apply to your garage door: 

  • Is your garage door 20 years or older?
  • Are your garage door panels visibly rusted or damaged?
  • Are you constantly needing garage door repair?
  • Your garage door has unreliable opening and closing. 
  • Do you require more frequent garage door repairs?
  • Is there significant damage on the inside of your garage door?
  • Does your door make loud shaking or grinding noises? 
  • Do you notice an increase in your energy bill without any lifestyle changes? 
  • Is your garage door sagging?
  • Does your garage door open slowly?

Sectional Garage Door Panel Replacement

We split your garage door into sections for easier installment and repairs. Sectional garage doors are found in residential areas with their space-friendly function. When your driveway is only so long for parking, minor accidents are common.

Depending on the damage, garage door panel replacement is possible for the bottom sections if someone backs into your garage door. During our service appointment, we match your panels exactly for a successful panel replacement.

Stylize Your Panels

During the planning stage of new garage door installation, the color and style of the garage door are heavily considered. Remember that stylizing garage door panels play a large part in how the face of your home will look. Contact us, and we’ll walk you through our panel replacement process and how we can stylize your new or existing garage door panels.

Recessed Panels

Recessed panels have centers that are slightly pressed, or lower than the surrounding door frame. It appears someone left the cutout of a raised panel or pushed a panel into wet paint for a recessed panel style to stick, similar to crown molding.

Recessed Long Panel Garage Door

Raised Panels

Appearing as square-shaped bubbles, raised panels are subtle designs on the front of a garage door. Like a 3D effect, raised panels are found on many classic garage doors and are popular among traditional or carriage-house style garage doors.

Raised panel replacement

Sans Panels

Your garage door is a blank canvas and can be treated as such sans garage door panels. Inspired by a modern-styled garage door, our expert installers can make it appear as if your garage door is a single panel. With seamless installation and garage door panel replacement, sans panels are sleek and minimalistic.

Modern Garage Door

Hurricane Door Panel Replacement

Hurricane garage doors help protect your home against strong winds, heavy rain, and debris. When you find your garage door panels dented or uneven, call our professionals for hurricane garage door panel replacement. 

Preventing vulnerable weak spots, hurricane doors have additional struts to protect your garage against wind gusts of up to 150 mph. We meet all Miami-Dade wind code standards for hurricane-rated doors and panel replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sectional garage doors typically have five panels in two-foot segments. However, there is no set number of garage door panels because you are able to add different configurations. The choice is yours for how standard you want your garage door and your garage door panel replacement! 

Some styles, like modern or contemporary garage doors, opt for far more panels. Some request raised garage door panels or recessed (flat) panels during installation. View our Garage Door Installation page for more examples and photos of past projects.

Single-panel garage doors would be considered custom garage doors due to the different maintenance requirements. View our gallery of recent garage door installs and how seamless some sectional garage doors can look! 

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