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What is High-Lift Garage Door Conversion?

Most standard garage doors open to a height of seven or eight feet, limiting the amount of overhead space you can use and the size of vehicles you can pull into your garage. However, high-lift garage door conversion transforms your garage door tracks, allowing the door to sit higher. 

A high-lift garage door conversion involves adding up to a foot of clearance to the track so it rests closer to the ceiling. This upgrade is beneficial if you want to utilize high ceilings or have a unique roof pitch in your garage. 

We are experts in high-lift garage door conversion in Miami, FL, and we’d love to assist you with upgrading your home today!

Uses of High-Lift Garage Door Tracks

Homeowners invest in high-lift garage door tracks for these great benefits:

  • Make the Most of ​​High Garage Door Ceilings
  • Install a Car Lift
  • Accommodate Larger Vehicles Like RVs
  • Add Garage Door Storage Space

We love transforming garages with high-lift garage door conversion, helping clients maximize the potential of their garages for vehicles and storage. Whether you want to turn your garage into an at-home auto body shop with a car lift, install more storage, or anything else, Good Guys Garage Door Solutions is ready to assist you. Contact us to book your consultation and learn more about high-lift garage door conversion in Miami, FL.

High-Lift Conversion FAQs

No! The great thing about high-lift garage door conversion is we can upgrade your existing garage with new tracks, cables, drums, torsion springs, bearing plates, and support brackets. This allows us to seamlessly upgrade your home with high-lift garage door conversion in one appointment. 

Because the garage door will sit closer to the ceiling, there will no longer be space for an overhead garage door opener, such as a chain drive or belt drive. Instead, we’ll install a jackshaft or wall mount garage door opener, which is installed on the wall beside the garage door. Wall mount garage door openers are strong and durable, ensuring they can reliably lift even the heaviest garage doors. 

Like any home appliance, maintenance is critical to keep your high-lift garage door in great shape and running safely for your home. Schedule annual garage door maintenance with local pros to ensure your garage door system is properly balanced, lubricated, and tightened to run smoothly. 

High-lift garage door conversion is a home upgrade you should leave to the professionals. Garage door parts hold a lot of tension and must be installed correctly to operate safely for your home. If you’re considering high-lift garage door conversion, contact us to book a free consultation with one of our experts. 

We’ll need twelve inches of clearance for the equipment (such as drums, spring bars, end bearing plates, etc.) in addition to the clearance height you desire to install high lift garage door tracks. 

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Do You Want to Learn More About High-Lift Garage Door Conversion?

High-lift garage door conversion gives you more garage door headroom, allowing for more storage space or a car lift installation—all without replacing your existing garage door! Our clients love the transformed look of their garages! 

So, if you’re ready to learn more about high-lift garage door conversion, contact Good Guys Garage Door Solutions. We installed many high-lift garage doors in Miami, FL, and we’d love to upgrade your home. Call now to schedule an appointment!

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