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Garage door rollers are the wheels that keep your garage door running smoothly and reliably for your home. However, like all garage door parts, they need upkeep and repair to operate at their best. When your garage door rollers come off track, or your door operates loudly, contact Good Guys Garage Door Solutions for garage door roller repair near Miami, FL. We keep high-cycle replacement rollers in stock so we can perform fast roller replacements and have your system running like new.

Signs You Need to Schedule Garage Door Roller Replacement

Shaky Garage Door Operation

If your garage door parts are well-lubricated and working as they should, you should have a smooth garage door operation with minimal vibrations. If you notice your garage door has a shaky operation as it moves through the tracks or looks like it might jump off the track, contact a professional to examine the system and recommend the next steps to restore smooth operation. 

Your Garage Door Comes Out of Alignment Easily

Garage door rollers keep your overhead door in alignment so it operates smoothly and doesn’t put too much wear on any one part. If your garage door frequently runs off its hinges or slips out of alignment, you need to schedule garage door roller repair. 

Noisy Garage Door Operation

If your garage door makes screeching or grinding noises, you may have rusted rollers or poor lubrication through the track. Call a garage door professional so they can determine if you need new garage door rollers or just a garage door tune-up.

Keep Your Rollers in Great Shape With Garage Door Maintenance

Keep up with garage door maintenance to extend the life of your rollers and your entire system. For DIY maintenance, we recommend checking your track for debris every few months and clearing it out. Also, ensure your rollers are properly connected to the door, not rolling at an angle or loose from their hinges. Lastly, you can spray the track with garage door spray, lubricating the parts for smooth operation.

We also recommend scheduling an annual garage door tune-up with a professional. Good Guys Garage Door Solutions is happy to provide garage door maintenance in Miami, FL. We’ll keep your garage door system running like new!

We Can Help With Off-Track Garage Doors

Off-track garage doors are a common issue when you need garage door roller repair. There are three main causes of an off-track garage door.

  1. If the garage door encounters an obstruction during operation, it can jump the cable drum, causing slack in one of the cables.
  2. When the garage door cables become worn or frayed, they may stretch or shorten, causing the door to tilt in the tracks and eventually fail.
  3. If the garage door spring breaks, the cable can jump off the cable drum and tilt the door.

If your garage door is off-track, it’s important to leave everything as it is and call a professional for garage door repair. Garage doors are heavy, and the system involves many moving parts and high levels of tension. We’d love to assist you with off-track garage door repair near you to keep your family safe and your property secure.

High-quality garage door rollers with regular maintenance can last 10-15 years. 

We recommend that customers get their rollers replaced when they get their springs replaced. Rollers and springs have roughly the same life span of 10-15,000 cycles, which means they tend to wear out at the same time.

There are also some warning signs that you need garage door roller replacement, including noisy operation. If you hear a screeching noise as your door goes up and down, your rollers are damaged or improperly lubricated in their tracks.

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