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Are you a car lover looking to install a car lift in your garage? Well, a high-lift garage door is just what you need! A high-lift door takes advantage of your garage’s headroom with a vertical high-lift track. With a high-lift door, you can store a car above another car. Here at Good Guys Garage Door Solutions, we specialize in top-quality high-lift garage door installation near Miami, FL, including Cutler Bay, Palmetto BayPinecrestKendall, and Coral Gables. Our garage door experts are highly trained to give you the best high-lift tracks for your garage door. 

Good Guys Garage Door Solutions can give you the best high-lift garage door. Our garage door technicians can quickly install your high-lift tracks and handle all high-lift door repairs you may have. It’s important to find a qualified garage door company in Miami, FL for these services because high-lift doors take extremely skilled technicians to ensure they’re positioned correctly. When you’re ready to have a high-lift garage door installed, you can depend on Good Guys Garage Door Solutions to get the job done.

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High-Lift Garage Door Maintenance 

For your high-lift garage door to function securely in your garage, it needs to have routine maintenance. The most important part of this maintenance routine is lubricating all your high-lift tracks and the other interior hardware, including springs and cables. Lubricating your high-lift door will ensure that it continues to smoothly lower and rise when needed. When you notice your high-lift door is moving slower or is making loud grinding or squeaking noise, you’ll need to lubricate your high-lift garage door to avoid damage to your cars.

Deciding on a High-Lift Garage Door 

Deciding if a high-lift garage door is best for you can be challenging, but consider the benefits! For example, installing high-lift tracks will clear your cars from the driveway. The additional ceiling space also allows you to add a large car lift, allowing you to create your own car shop! High-lift tracks are also great for RV storage to keep that valuable vehicle out of the elements when you’re not traveling.

Best of all, a high-lift garage door will not only free space in your driveway, but it’s also simple to use. With high-lift tracks installed with your car lift, you simply drive your car into the platform and lift the car into the air. This means you can be ready to utilize the extra headroom in your garage at any time. Call us today so we can give you the high-lift door of your dreams!

We Provide High-Lift Garage Door Repairs in Miami, FL

Experiencing issues with your high-lift garage door? Contact our team at Good Guys Garage Door Solutions! Our garage door repair professionals are adept at both installing and repairing high-lift garage doors near Miami, FL. In situations where your garage door won’t open or close, is reversing, or is making abnormal grinding noises, don’t hesitate to schedule high-lift garage repair. We understand just how frustrating these issues can be, which is why we’ve worked hard to perfect our methods of efficient, professional high-lift repairs. We’ll ensure your high-lift garage door is operating properly and safely for your peace of mind and comfort.

Contact Us To Learn More About High-Lift Garage Doors

High-lift doors can be a great addition to any home. Whether you want to install a car lift or need storage for your RV, high-lift tracks offer the perfect solution to upgrade the functionality of your home. When you’re ready to add a high-lift door to your home, you can call on Good Guys Garage Door Solutions to get the job done! Contact us today to learn more about our high-lift garage door services near Miami, FL, and the surrounding areas!

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FAQs About High-Lift Garage Doors

Each high-lift conversion is unique, so costs vary depending on the size, weight, and available headroom to maximize the space in your garage. To give you the best quote, our technicians will come out and do all measurements, weigh the door, then engineer your system to get your door as close to the ceiling as possible. We’ll also discuss prices with you upfront, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or additional costs.

A high-lift garage door will free up space inside your garage, allowing you to store more items. Some people use high-lift conversions for car lifts, or to convert their garage door space into a gym or workspace. The options are endless!

Typically, a new garage door opener will be necessary to pair with your high-lift door. With high-lift garage doors, a wall mount opener is needed, as there won’t be ceiling space for a standard chain drive or belt drive opener. It’s also important to note that the opener will need to be strong enough to support the new high-lift door. We can help you find the perfect garage door opener for your new high-lift door!

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