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Top-Shelf Garage Door Openers Offered By The Good Guys!

Garage door openers must be ready and able to coordinate with the garage door for thousands of opening and closing cycles. Garage doors need a dependable opener for that to be possible. With each garage door opener comes its advantages, and we’re here to point you in the best direction for a new garage door opener.

New LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Good Guys Garage Door Solutions offers the best opener products in the industry with the most helpful and convenient service. LiftMaster garage door openers ensure our customers own a garage door system that lasts for thousands of opening/closing cycles.

We'll Help You Choose The Best Garage Door Opener For You

Keep in mind the dimensions of your garage! LiftMaster has come out with specialty openers for homeowners with a very low or a very high ceiling, where one opener can better navigate your double door garage or traditional style garage.

Belt drive garage door openers

Belt drive garage door openers have become relatively known as ultra-quiet, direct drive openers due to their rail and trolley system operating on a belt rather than the conventional chain. The greatest selling point for the LiftMaster belt drive opener is its soft opening and closing, along with a high durability rate.

[the LiftMaster 87504]
smart garage door openers

  • Built-in camera
  • Monitor through the myQ app
  • Compatible with Amazon Key for grocery deliveries

Chain drive garage door openers

The second of the two kinds of direct drive openers, a chain drive opener gets its name from operating with a chain and a rail and trolley system. With a newer model, this affordable opener provides homeowners with the highest-quality basics and everything you need from a garage door opener. 

[Smart opener LiftMaster 84602]

liftmaster belt drive garage door opener

  • LED lighting
  • WiFi compatibility
  • Battery backup

Jackshaft garage door openers

This type of opener conveniently mounts beside your door freeing up ceiling space for other storage. It is a durable, alternative model that is also super quiet throughout the operation. As a wall mount opener, the jackshaft model is your solution if you have a very low or very high ceiling.

[the LiftMaster 8500W]

liftmaster garage door openers

  • Operate from your smartphone
  • Self-automatic door lock
  • Built-in automatic security LED light 
  • DC battery installed

Screw drive garage door openers 

Screw drive garage door openers are the least popular to find among modern residential homes, but it is another drive type that consumers should know about when shopping around for differences. The redeeming quality of a screw drive garage door opener is its durability. If it’s regularly maintained, it is extremely sturdy, and its simple parts and mechanisms help it last a long time.

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Choose Us for Garage Door Opener Installation!

Need a consultation or quote? Request a garage door opener quote from us or for more information on what the newer LiftMaster garage door openers have to offer.

We can install and maintain any brand garage door opener, but contact Good Guys Garage Door Solutions for the best installation job. Let us come to your Miami-Dade area home near Cutler BayPalmetto BayPinecrestKendall, and Coral Gables, and provide a garage door opener solution that works for your garage door. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Luckily, the size of your garage door opener doesn’t determine how much weight it can lift. Horsepower and its drive type are what you can ask one of our technicians to recommend the best LiftMaster garage door opener model.

Single and double garage doors of average weight are recommended to a 0.5 level horsepower, like with a carriage-style garage door. Steel garage doors require even less horsepower. Extra heavy doors, like wooden doors or commercial doors require a level of 1 or 1.5 horsepower models. 

Every garage door opener has a Learn button that helps the user reset or program the opener to your garage door opener remote. 

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