Emergency Garage Door Repair

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What is a Garage Door Emergency?

Are you having problems with your garage door but are unsure if the issue needs an emergency garage door repair? Most commonly, we qualify these issues as garage door emergencies and recommend that customers call quickly to book an appointment if:

  • Your garage door won’t open or close.
  • Your garage door is stuck halfway.
  • Your garage door is off-track. 
  • Your garage door is coming up at an angle.

Help with stuck or off-track garage doors is the most frequent emergency garage door repair call we receive because a stuck garage door usually means you’re trapped at home. We serve customers with after-hours garage door service to ensure you’re never forced to leave your car trapped in the garage or leave your home exposed overnight with an open garage door. If you need assistance with any of the above garage door repairs, Good Guys Garage Door Solutions would love to help. Contact us now to book your appointment for emergency garage door repair in Miami, FL!

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What To Do During a Garage Door Emergency

The most important thing to do during a garage door emergency, especially if your overhead door is off-track or coming up at an angle, is to stop trying to operate the door. Continuing to press the keypad or remote will put additional strain on the already damaged garage door parts, which could lead to worse damage and higher repair costs. Instead, leave the broken garage door as it is and call for help from a qualified garage door company, like Good Guys Garage Door Solutions. 

Two Common Emergency Repair Questions

Can I Fix My Own Garage Door?

We do not recommend trying to fix your own garage door. Garage doors are under high tension to support the weight of the door. Releasing this tension incorrectly could cause parts to snap back or the door to fall suddenly. It’s important to leave emergency garage door repairs to a professional.

Can I Manually Open a Broken Garage Door?

If your garage door is broken, whether you can open it manually depends on the extent of the damage. For instance, if you have a broken spring or cable, you won’t be able to open the door as these parts support its weight. However, if your automatic garage door opener is malfunctioning but the other parts are fine, you can disengage the opener and operate the door manually. If you have a broken garage door and need to exit quickly, contact us for emergency garage door repair near Miami, FL. 

How To Avoid an Emergency Garage Door Repair

It’s a good idea to schedule regular garage door maintenance in Miami, FL, to prevent the sudden headache of dealing with a broken garage door. Annual tune-ups keep your door in great shape by identifying early signs of rust, wear and tear, or breaks. When your garage door runs more smoothly, it reduces wear on your garage door parts and extends the lifespan of your entire garage door system. Stay ahead of a garage door emergency by scheduling your tune-up today!

Book Emergency Garage Door Repair Near Miami With the Good Guys

At Good Guys Garage Door Solutions, we take great pride in ensuring our customers are taken care of quickly during a garage door emergency. That’s why we offer after-hours and weekend garage door repair appointments, arriving at your home when you need us most to restore your overhead door to full function. If your garage door won’t open or you have an off-track garage door, contact us to book emergency garage door repair near Miami, FL!

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