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We are dedicated to providing excellent garage door service near South Miami FL. We offer garage door repair services and garage door installation to ensure your overhead door system is built to last. Our garage door repairmen are highly skilled and experienced to handle any garage door repair near South Miami FL. When your garage door is not opening or closing properly, you can count on Good Guys Garage Door Solutions to serve you with emergency and same day service. Our South Miami FL garage door services include:

No matter what your garage repair needs are, you can depend on Good Guys Garage Door Solutions to get the job done right the first time! Our goal is to leave each South Miami FL home with a garage door that is durable and dependable. Schedule your garage door repair near South Miami FL with us today!

If your garage door won’t open, it’s most likely an issue with the garage door opener or springs. Check that you aren’t having electricity problems, reset your opener system, and look for any fallen or loose parts. If you can’t figure out the problem, give the experts a call!

If you notice that your garage door is making strange noises, give our team a call. It’s not a good sign to hear abnormal noises; most likely, your garage door parts are rusted and dirty, which means they need to be cleaned and lubricated. It could also mean that your garage door opener is under too much stress. 

If your garage door is moving slower than usual, it may be a problem with the garage door opener. Give us a call and we’ll conduct a thorough inspection.

Typically, insurance does not cover garage door repair. The exception lies in if your garage door damage was caused by extreme weather. 

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Garage Door Opener Repair 

We have years of experience handling garage door opener repair near South Miami FL. Your garage door opener is the motor of your door, so when it is malfunctioning it can be a major inconvenience. When you notice your garage door opener is not working properly, you can trust Good Guys Garage Door Solutions to be there to help! We are knowledgeable on every type of garage door opener, and we can quickly find a solution for you. 

Signs You Need Garage Door Opener Repair South Miami FL

  • Garage door opens slowly. 
  • Your garage door opener is reaching 15-20 years old.
  • Your garage door won’t open with the remote or keypad. 
  • The garage door has unreliable opening and closing. 
  • Your garage door starts to close but suddenly reverses. 
  • Your garage door is making squeaking or grinding noises.

Hurricane Door Installation Near South Miami FL

40% of hurricanes that make landfall on the east coast will hit South Miami FL. This is why we offer reliable and sturdy hurricane door installation South Miami FL. We understand the importance of having a garage door that can withstand extreme weather, which is why our technicians are trained to provide your home with the toughest and most dependable hurricane doors. Upgrading to a hurricane garage door will give you the peace of mind that your garage door is strong enough to protect you and your home during the worst environmental conditions. When you are ready for a hurricane door installation near South Miami FL, call on us to get it done! 

Contact Us For Garage Door Repair Near South Miami FL

Whether you are looking for a new garage door or garage door repair near South Miami FL, you can always rely on us to take care of your home. When it comes to garage door service near you, we are the best in town! Contact us today and schedule your garage door repair or garage door installation with Good Guys Garage Door Solutions for a garage door company you can trust to treat you right.

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