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Why Invest In A High Lift Garage Door?

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High lift tracks can be a beneficial addition to garage door systems for various reasons. One reason is that they create more space! But how do you get one, and is it worth the investment?

Any garage door can be converted into a high lift garage door. This makes conversion an accessible goal for those looking to increase garage space. In this article, we’ll go through the basics of high-lift garage doors to help you make the best choice for your home. 

What Is A High-Lift Garage Door? 

A high lift garage door is a garage door with extended tracks that allow the door to move closer to the wall and be stored higher up. These tracks make use of vertical space, which gives 12-15” more headroom. A typical garage door will only give 7-8 feet of space below the garage door. High lift tracks can expand this space by over a foot, which opens up much more space in the garage. 

High-lift garage door installation is a specialty service. Unfortunately, not all garage door companies offer it. Technicians must be well-trained in installing these types of tracks, which requires attention to detail and precision. Good Guys Garage Door Solutions is just the company for the job. We offer this specialty service with a FREE quote so that you can make an informed decision today! 

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Why Choose A High-Lift Garage Door? 

There are certainly many reasons why you may want to install high-lift tracks in your home. One of the most popular reasons is due to car lift installation. If you’re trying to make room in the garage for a car lift, you’ll most likely need a high lift garage door. With a car lift, you’ll be able to drive the car onto the lift and move it higher. This allows you to work on your car with the garage door open or closed. It’ll also give you room to store one car above the other, which may be beneficial if you don’t have extra space.

In addition to car lifts, here are some common garage area renovations where a high-lift garage door may be beneficial: 

  • Home Gym
  • Workshop 
  • Art Studio
  • Yoga Studio
  • Mancave
  • Additional storage area

High Lift Commercial Use 

High lift doors can also be used for commercial purposes. It’s common for businesses to require extra space in warehouses or industrial facilities. The use of high lift tracks can easily create more room for products or vehicles. Business owners may install high-lift commercial doors for the following reasons: 

  • Increased storage 
  • Vehicle accessibility
  • Increased safety in the workspace
  • Inventory space

Will I Need A New Garage Door Opener for My High-Lift Garage Door?

If you install high lift tracks, you most likely won’t need to replace your garage door, but it may be necessary to invest in a new garage door opener. Because the tracks are closer to the ceiling, the garage door opener should be wall-mounted. It’s also important that the garage door opener can still fully support the garage door’s new form of movement. One of the most popular high lift track garage door openers is the LiftMaster 8500 Elite series. This opener is a wall-mount and is known to be both reliable and long-lasting.

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Offering High Lift Garage Door Installation Near You

While some people may try to install high lift tracks themselves, we highly recommend that you leave high lift garage door installation to the professionals. Given our many years of experience, our team at Good Guys Garage Door Solutions is prepared to conduct high-lift garage door installations with safety and efficiency.

Invest In A High-Lift Door!

So is installing a high-lift garage door worth the investment? Absolutely! A high-lift garage door is a worthy investment. DIYing a garage door track installation can be tricky, and quite tedious. If this is the garage door experience you desire, save time and money by contacting your local professionals to get the job done right the first time. Our technicians emphasize excellent customer service and workmanship you can count on. We’re committed to ensuring that our garage door service exceeds your expectations. Give us a call today! 

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