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4 Most Common Garage Door Repairs 

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Being able to open and close your garage door isn’t something you think about… until it won’t happen. When you want to move your vehicle, you press the keypad or remote without giving it a second thought. 

Something many homeowners tend to overlook is the repairs needed to keep their garage door working. Depending on the type of garage door you own, it can last anywhere from 20 to 70 years, but during that time, the parts that keep your garage door moving will need to be replaced or repaired. We know everyone is not a garage door expert, so it can be difficult to self-diagnose your garage door when it is having issues. Here are some of the most common garage door repairs we see in Miami-Dade FL, and warning signs that you need a repair. 

Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Spring Replacement 

Garage door springs are the long spiral metal pieces located on either the side or the top of your garage doors. The springs are there to control the weight of your garage door while in motion. Your garage door can weigh 300 pounds or more, so it is important to have healthy garage door springs to ensure your door can raise and lower without putting anyone in harm’s way. Garage door springs can last 7-9 years but require routine lubrication to ensure they are not rusting or becoming stiff. 

garage door spring replacement

Once your garage door springs begin to reach 7-10 years, they will start showing signs of deterioration, and that will be your hint that you need a garage door spring replacement. It is important to schedule garage door spring replacements before the spring reaches 9 years because it can break unexpectedly. If your garage door is open or in motion when your springs break, it will cause the entire door to slam down, which could be dangerous for anyone or anything around. The signs that you need a garage door spring replacement are:

  • Your garage door won’t open. 
  • Your garage door is heavy to open manually. 
  • There is a 3-4” gap between the coils of your spring. 
  • Your garage door spring is elongated. 
  • Your garage door opens crooked or at an angle. 
  • Your garage door is making grinding or squeaking noises. 
  • You heard a loud popping noise come from your garage. 
  • You notice loose or fallen garage door cables.

Garage Door Cable Replacement 

Your garage door cables assist the springs with maintaining the garage door’s weight while opening and closing. It is uncommon for garage door cables to break, but they can if your garage door springs are not working properly. When your garage door springs become weak, the garage door cables take on that extra stress, which could cause them to eventually snap. Look out for these signs that you need garage door cable replacement:

  • Your door opens at an angle.
  • You hear a loud bang from your garage.
  • Your garage door won’t open.
  • Your cables look loose or broken.
  • You hear grinding or squeaking noises as the door operates.

Garage Door Opener Repair 

One of the most important parts of your garage door is the opener. Your opener is the motor of your garage door and starts the process of opening and closing them. Depending on the model, make, and type of garage door opener you have, your opener can last 15-30 years.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Your garage door opener consists of not only electrical components but also moving parts such as chains or belts, trolleys, and gears. Since your garage door opener has so many different parts, it is important to have a trained professional inspect and repair your garage door opener. A malfunctioning garage door opener could cause your garage door to completely stop working, so we recommend attending to any issues urgently. The common signs that your garage door opener needs a repair are: 

  • Your keypad, remote, or mobile app is not working.
  • Your garage door won’t open. 
  • Your garage door opens manually without issues, meaning springs and cables are intact. 
  • Your garage door opens and closes on its own. 
  • You hear grinding, squeaking, or rattling noises coming from your opener. 
  • Your garage door opener continues to run after the door is closed.

Garage Door Panel Replacement 

Your garage door consists of 4-5 horizontal panels that are connected to hinges. These hinges allow the sections to bend while opening and closing. As strong as garage doors are, when they are hit by great force, they can cause them to be bent inward. Not only do dented garage doors bring down the value of your home, but they can also interfere with the operation of your doors. Since your garage door is broken into separate panels, we can easily remove the damaged panels and replace them with a new panel. Garage door panels can be replaced as long as the manufacturer still offers the garage door style. 

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