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Top Questions About High-Lift Garage Door Conversions

High-lift garage door conversions are a great way for homeowners to maximize the space in their garage, turning it into a workshop, automotive haven, or commercial truck spot. If you’re interested in learning more about high-lift garage doors and how they can benefit your home, read our top high-lift garage door conversion FAQs below!

What is High-Lift Garage Door Conversion?

A high-lift garage door conversion involves modifying your garage door system (including the door, opener, and parts) so it operates from a higher position. Because the garage door sits higher, giving more height and clearance to the opening, you can park taller vehicles in the garage or install a car lift. What’s great about high-lift conversion is that garage door companies can add them to your existing garage door, just with new lifting equipment. 

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Why Should I Convert My Garage Door to High Lift?

Not sure if a high-lift garage door is right for you? Consider these scenarios.

  • You have a medium or high-clearance van that you want to park inside your garage, but your seven-foot door doesn’t give you enough space. 
  • You have a one-car garage with a high ceiling, and you want to install a car lift, giving you an extra layer of parking space. However, your garage door isn’t tall enough to pull in the second car. 
  • You have large commercial vehicles that you want to park inside the garage.

Are any of these situations or a similar one true of your garage? Then, high-lift conversion may be the perfect solution you’ve been seeking to make your existing garage work better for your life. 

What is Required for a High-Lift Garage Door?

To install a high-lift garage door, you must have a distance of at least twelve inches from the door’s top to the ceiling. This space is necessary to install the spring bar, springs, drums, and end plate bearings.

What does this look like in practice? If your garage has a ten-foot-tall ceiling, you can install high-lift tracks up to nine feet. If you have a seven-foot door, this could give you an additional two feet of clearance in your garage!

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How Do I Maintain a High-Lift Garage Door?

If you have a high-lift garage door, it is crucial that you maintain it properly. It is a complex mechanism of many moving parts;  if any one of them fails, then you’re stuck with a garage door that won’t open or close. Worse, if tension-filled parts like the spring or cables wear out suddenly, it could create a dangerous situation.

Instead, partner with a local garage door company to perform annual garage door maintenance and keep your high-lift garage door in the best shape. We recommend yearly maintenance, preferably in the spring or fall. You should also take note of any abnormalities in your garage door operation—like screeching, grinding, or shaking—and call an expert at the first sign of an issue. 

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How Much Does a High-Lift Garage Door Conversion Cost?

The cost of your high-lift garage door conversion depends on the complexity of the job—how much height you want added, if your garage door needs to be replaced, if you have a sloped ceiling, etc. On the low end, high-lift conversions run about $1500-$2000. However, as the job gets more complex and more parts are needed, the final cost may end up closer to $10,000+, especially if you are lifting multiple garage doors or need garage door replacement. 

There’s nothing wrong with getting quotes from multiple garage door companies for this service, but remember that the best deal for your wallet is not always the best product for your home. 

Who Performs High-Lift Garage Door Conversions?

High-lift conversions are complicated and potentially dangerous; they should be left to professional garage door technicians. For instance, attempting to replace the torsion springs on your garage door can be highly dangerous as they are under high tension. Therefore, if you lack the appropriate tools and adequate knowledge, you could end up damaging your property or even sustaining severe injuries when something goes wrong.

Instead, partner with a local garage door company that is licensed and insured to carry out work for your home. They can take the proper measurements, order the best conversion parts, and perform your high-lift garage door conversion right the first time. 

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