10 Things to Know About Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage doors are an essential part of a home, but many homeowners don’t give them much thought until they stop working correctly. With proper maintenance, garage doors can last decades! Today we’re sharing ten things every homeowner should know about garage door maintenance.

1. Why Garage Door Maintenance Matters

Regular maintenance of your garage and all its parts has many benefits for you as a homeowner. Here are a few:

  • Garage door maintenance saves you money – Small problems turn into bigger problems if they’re not dealt with in a timely manner. Regular maintenance, which doesn’t cost much time or money, can prevent minor issues from turning into major repairs.

  • Garage door maintenance keeps you and your family safe Many people use their garages to enter their homes. Maintenance keeps your garage door working efficiently, so you don’t get trapped in or out. Also, if garage door springs or other parts break suddenly, there’s a potential for the door to come crashing down, causing major injury to people and damage to vehicles and the door itself.

  • Garage door maintenance reduces noise – If you notice your garage door making very loud noises while opening or closing, this is a sign your door needs maintenance and possible repair. Rid your home of obnoxious garage door noise with consistent maintenance, and be at peace in your home!

2. Annual Garage Door Maintenance Increases the Door’s Longevity

Good Guys Garage Door Solutions recommends a yearly maintenance check and tune-up of your garage door. Annual garage door maintenance will maximize the life span of your door and save you money in the long run. Garage doors can last up to 30 years! Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you and your family. 

3. Garage Door Maintenance Starts with an Inspection

So you’ve realized you need to schedule garage door maintenance. Now what? A trained garage door technician will first inspect your garage door and all its parts. They will look for and clean up debris along the tracks. They’ll take note of any rust, dents, or damage on the panels, and they’ll check for wear and tear on the springs, bearings, rollers, cables, hinges, and other parts. If repairs are needed, they’ll make recommendations, and then they’ll continue with the maintenance process.

4. Track Realignment, Balance Test, and Lubrication

If the tracks need adjusting or a realignment, the garage door specialist will take care of it. They will perform a balance test to ensure the door opens and closes properly and doesn’t put undue stress on the garage door opener. The garage door specialist will lubricate the door’s hinges, rollers, springs, tracks, and bearing plates, as well as lock and tighten all the nuts and screws. Many repairs can be completed during the scheduled maintenance, and larger repairs can be scheduled and additional parts ordered if needed. 

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5. Garage Door Opener Maintenance and Benefits

A garage door and garage door opener work as a team. Although small compared to the actual door, the opener is vital to the overall functionality of the garage door. Yearly inspection and maintenance of the garage door opener are equally important as garage door maintenance. Proper garage door opener maintenance will allow your door to open smoothly and quietly. It will add to the door’s life span and add value to your home should you decide to sell.

6. Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Maintenance or Repair

Garage door spring repair is one of the most common door repairs needed due to the extreme weight they bear and the tension required to open and close the door. If you notice any of the following, contact your local garage door service company for maintenance right away:

  • Your garage door is making loud grinding or squeaking noises 
  • You hear a popping noise coming from your garage
  • You notice loose or fallen cables
  • Your garage door is opening and closing slowly, too forcefully, or not at all
  • Your garage door is crooked
  • Your garage door is heavy or difficult to open manually
  • There are 3-4” gaps between the spring coils
  • You see rust, grime, or small breaks on the springs

7. Why Garage Door Springs Break 

Everyday wear and tear is the number one reason garage door springs break. Many people use the garage as an entrance to their homes. It’s natural for springs to wear down after so many cycles, but detailed maintenance helps them last longer! Rust, which weakens the springs and causes extra friction, is also a common cause of spring breakage

8. DIY Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Between your annual garage door maintenance with a professional garage door service company, you can keep an eye on your garage door and complete simple DIY maintenance.

Here are a few tips:

  • Apply a lubricant to the springs every 3-4 months
  • Look for any loose or hanging parts
  • Tighten loose nuts and bolts with a socket wrench
  • Listen for changes when opening/closing
  • Clean debris from the tracks and sensors
  • Replace remote batteries
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9. From Garage Door Maintenance to New Door Installation

On average, garage doors last around 20 years. Even with annual garage door maintenance, there comes a time when homeowners should consider investing in a new garage door installation. If you find yourself needing garage door repair more and more frequently, it might be best to simply replace your door.

10. Partner With Professionals You Can Trust for Garage Door Maintenance

When you call a garage door service company for help maintaining your garage door, you want to trust they have your best interest in mind. If you live in the Miami-Dade, FL region, Good Guys Garage Door Solutions is ready to partner with you. We can answer all your questions about garage door maintenance and provide excellent garage door service. Contact us today!

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