Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Door Opener? 

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One of the most vital parts of your garage door is the garage door opener. Your opener is the motor of your garage door, and the starting point for opening and closing your garage. With the proper maintenance, you can get a good 15-30 years of use with your garage door opener, but it is not uncommon for your opener to need parts replaced. Your garage door opens and closes around 1,500 times a year, which can cause wear and tear. 

You could have a garage door specialist come out and do a garage door opener repair every time you notice issues, but when is it time to let go of your old garage door opener? Investing in a new garage door opener is a big decision to make, so it is important to know all the facts before taking that step. Here are a few ways to determine if your should repair or replace your garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Common Garage Door Opener Repairs 

Before you start shopping for new garage door openers, you should know of the standard reasons to repair garage door openers. Minor garage door opener repairs include:

  • Replacing bolts and screws
  • Garage door opener chain replacement 
  • Replacing wires
  • Garage door keypad replacement 
  • Tightening your belt or chain
  • Garage door opener battery replacement 
  • Garage door opener belt replacement 

These common garage door opener repairs can be done quickly by a professional, and are typically cost-friendly. If your garage door opener just needs minor repairs or maintenance, then there is no valid reason to replace the entire unit just yet. 

Signs You Need A Garage Door Opener Replacement 

There are multiple signs that will point out when it is time for a garage door opener replacement. Usually, the first sign that your garage door opener needs to be replaced would be your garage door not working at all. A broken garage door opener can be a huge inconvenience to your everyday life, and leave your home unprotected. This is why it is important to be aware of the signs you need a garage door opener replacement. 

Slow Operation 

The average garage door lifts in about 12 seconds. If your garage door is taking longer to open or close, it could be a sign that your garage door opener belt or chain is weakening, making it harder for your door to operate properly. 

Loud or Unusual Noises 

Loud or unusual noises are one of the biggest red flags for garage door openers. Other than chain drive garage door openers, most garage door openers are fairly silent, so if you notice loud noises while operating your garage door, then something is damaged within your opener and it needs to be replaced. 

Frequent Garage Door Opener Repairs 

Your garage door opener may need a few repairs every so often, but if you are needing multiple garage door opener repairs within a year, then it may be time for a new one. Replacing your garage door opener would be a lot cheaper than constant garage door opener repairs. 

Random Reversing or Stopping 

When you use your keypad, remote, or mobile app, your garage door should lift or lower without any issues. If your garage door opener is stopping halfway or randomly reversing, then this is a sign of electrical issues within the opener. It is better to replace the unit rather than spend money trying to pinpoint the exact reason for the electrical issues.

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