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Belt Drive vs. Chain Drive 

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Both a chain drive and belt drive garage door openers are high power mechanisms that allow your garage door to lift and lower when you use your keypad, remote, or mobile app. Although both of these garage door opener types do the exact same job, they do that job differently. Many of the leading opener manufacturers offer belt drive and chain drive openers because they are dependable and long-lasting, yet a belt drive costs substantially more than a chain drive opener. Why is that? Here are some of the differences between a belt drive opener and a chain drive opener. 

Chain Drive

Belt Drive


Chain drive operates on a metal chain, similar to the one found on a bike. 

Belt drive openers operate on a rubber, steel-reinforced rubber, fiberglass, or polyurethane belt.


Chain drive openers have a loud operation due to the metal parts rubbing against each other and creating vibration.

Belt drive openers have quiet operation since there is less vibration and fewer metal parts. 


Chain drive openers provide extra strength and can be used to lift heavier doors.

Belt drive openers come with steel stands and can also be used to lift heavier doors. 


Chain drives usually have a slight bounce before moving which slows down the opening or closing process.

Belt drive openers open and close very smoothly which allows them to open and close faster.


Chain drives are standard garage door openers and are cheaper in cost. 

Because belt drive openers have so many benefits, they are more expensive than chain drive openers. 


Since chain drives are metal on metal, they require routine lubricating to ensure they are not creating too much friction.  

Belt drive openers do not require as much maintenance as chain drives. They only need to be lubricated once a year. 

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Questions About Garage Door Openers?

Both chain drive openers and belt drive openers offer many benefits. Choosing between the two is solely based on your home’s needs and wants in a garage door opener. If you want something that costs less and can lift a heavily insulated door, then a chain drive garage door opener is best for you. If you need an opener that is quieter and will not need much maintenance, then a belt drive opener is a great choice. 

No matter what type of garage door opener you choose, Good Guys Garage Door Solutions would be happy to handle your garage door opener installation or repair. Our team is knowledgeable on the differences between belt drive and chain drive, and can help you find the best opener for your home! We love installing LiftMaster Garage Door Openers because they offer a wide range of high-quality belt drive and chain drive openers. When you are ready to upgrade your home with a new garage door opener, call Good Guys Garage Door Solutions to get the job done!

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